Application for polycarbonate sheet

2017-02-06 22:11:00
Summary :Polycarbonate sheet is used very widely for building and construction.

Polycarbonate sheet is used very widely for building and construction.

● agriculture: agriculture greenhouse, modern farm, ecological restaurant, flower glass house.
● construction: commercial buildings, roofing, house skylight, house glazing, lighting corridor, carport, canopy, waiting room, newsstand, flyover road acoustic barrier, station, bus stop, and overpass cover.
● open-air stadium: sports building, skylight canopy of swimming pool, roof of open-air playground, etc.
● commercial application: architectural decoration, stage design, exhibition layout, signpost, board of product exhibit, advertising lamp box.
● home decoration: indoor and outdoor decoration, private residential lighting, indoor ceiling, indoor division, shower enclosure, interior doors and windows, sun room, canopy, lampshade.
● security protection facility: the security counter of bank and prison, the security show window of jewelry store, museum security, police explosion-proof shield, industrial machinery outer casing.
● decoration: home decoration, led lighting, light transmission system, diy system
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