What is the features of ASA sythetic Tile

2017-02-07 07:52:00
Summary :What is the features of ASA sythetic Tile
1.Excellent waterproofing performance
The synthetic resin tile selects highly weather-resistant resin, which is dense and absorbing no water, with no pore penetration problem. The product is 45% wider than traditional tiles, with less roof contact,so synthetic resin tile's waterproof performance has greatly increased than traditional tiles.

2.Lasting color
This product features ultra durability in natural environment. Even under tough conditions
of exposure to UV, high temperature and freezing coldness, it still keeps stable color.  Ideal for various permanent roof decoration.

3.Excellent anti-load performance
Excellent bearing capacity. In low-temperature area, even if the roof has perennial snow
cover, the synthetic resin tile will not have surface damage or rupture. As tested, no tile cracking or damage will occur under the conditions of 660mm supporting space and loading 150kg.

4.Good sound insulation
Tests have proved that synthetic resin tiles have excellent noise absorption function when suffered heavy rains and strong winds. 
Good fire resistance: 
Belonging flame retardant material, with fire resistance   B1 as tested by national authoritative departments according to GB8624-2006 standard.
Good impact resistance and low temperature resistance 
Comparatively high impact resistance. As tested, it will not crack with 1kg steel ball falling on it freely from the height of 3m. The impact resistance is also outstanding under low temperature.

5.Green environment-friendly  
Containing no asbestos and radioactive elements; recyclable and fully meeting green environmental protection requirements.

6.Stable volume
The expansion coefficient is 4.93X10  mm/mm/℃, and the tile features bidirectional function in geometry. Even at high temperature difference, tile contraction will be self digested, to ensure geometrical and size stability.

7.Excellent insulating property
Isolating product, keeping intact at accidental electric discharge.

8.Excellent self-cleaning performance
The surface is dense and smooth, with "lotus leaf effect", not easy to absorb dust, and will be cleaned by rain. The tile surface stains will not leave stains after rain washing, and not easy to hang snow, reducing risk of collapse caused by over load.

9.Excellent heat-preserving and heat insulating property 
The heat conductivity coefficient is 0.325w/m.k, about 1/310 of clay tile, 1/5.0 of cement tile, and 1/2000 of thick color steel tile. Therefore, without considering adding heat-preserving layer, the heat insulation and heat preservation of synthetic resin tile can still be optimized.

10.Excellent corrosion-resisting performance
Can resist long-term acid, alkali and salt corrosion, etc. Tests have proved that there would be no chemical reaction after soaking in salt and alkali and various acid under 60%. It is ideal for application in areas where acid rain is common, with particularly outstanding effects.

11.Quick installation
Light-weight and with complete accessory varieties, so very easy to load and unload; besides, with effective width of 960mm, our synthetic resin tile is more efficient and cost-saving in installation.
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